VAR develops content based on internationally recognised guidelines for evidence-based procedures: AGREE II. The knowledge base for the content is grounded in research knowledge, experiential knowledge, patient experiences and the clinical context. To ensure that our users follow the latest knowledge and guidance, VAR is continuously updated and we publish a new main version once a year.


We base the procedures on summarised research and recognised academic literature.


We collect, critically assess, compile and peer review experiential knowledge from clinical practice across the health service, both from our home in Norway and abroad. In this way, experiential knowledge is also validated.


We arrange for procedures to be adapted to keep the patient's wishes and needs to the forefront.


Where relevant, we adapt each country version of VAR to its national legal requirements, guidelines and practices. In VAR there are procedures for specific clinical contexts such as in a hospital setting , a home setting and life-saving first aid.


The procedures in VAR consist of text where key elements and practical measures are visualised through extensive use of illustrations and animations. Students appreciate the visualisation of the content because the learning experience is simplified. The illustrations and animations are updated to always reflect the procedures. VAR has two permanent illustrators.


Kari Toverud is a specially trained medical illustrator in Norway with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Biology (1980) and a Master of Science in Medical Illustration (1983), both from the United States. Kari has been associated with VAR since its establishment. She has extensive experience and has won several awards for her work.



Torun Hunnes is employed by the editorial staff as an illustrator and graphic designer. In particular, Torun contributes to the visual profile of the procedures with animations and illustrations of a non-medical nature. She is educated at Bergen Academy of Art and Design and has a master's degree specialising in methods for interpreting text.


Evidence-based practice and the use of digital technology are important focus areas in the health services, both in Norway and in other countries. VAR enables digitalisation efforts in health education and clinical practice.

The national context is an important part of the basis for being able to work knowledge-based. VAR is developed from a Norwegian context. The Norwegian version is in line with Norwegian legal requirements, guidelines and practices.

VAR wishes to contribute to evidence-based practice in other countries all over the globe. Dedicated editors adapt each country version of VAR to its own legal requirements, policies and practices. For each country version, we cooperate with:
• Local clinical experts
• Local specialists in healthcare law