Information technology aims to streamline work processes and enhance quality. The use of effective e-health solutions can free up healthcare professionals time which in turn can be allocated to other important tasks such as implementation of e-health solutions and patient care.

VAR Healthcare provides various forms of support which contributes to improved quality and efficiency, some examples include: knowledge, processes and decision support.


When VAR is integrated with other digital systems, the three forms of support mentioned above can be reinforced to create more seamless work processes. Since 2005, we have collaborated with suppliers on integration solutions, simple hyperlinks and more advanced integrations, both with EPR/EHR systems, quality management systems (QMS) systems and learning/skills platforms. The integration solutions are provided by the individual supplier.


VAR Healthcare has a collaboration and integration solution with  EPR/EHR systems. In the municipal health service in Norway VAR collaborates with:

  • Profil (VISMA) and VISMA Flyt Helse
  • Gerica (Tieto)
  • DIPS Front 

VAR cooperates and integrates with EPR/EHR systems in hospitals, here are some vendors we work wth in Norway: 

  • DIPS 
  • Aidn 
  • EPIC (Helseplattformen AS) 


VAR is integrated with several of the major quality systems in Norway, such as Compilo, EQS, EK. VAR is always kept up to date in order to ensure evidence-based practice. As VAR takes care of the workload involved with this major task, this aids in saving time at a local level and with such integrations, the manager/business/organisation is better equipped to meet the requirements for both internal and external control and deviation management.

Where integration solutions do not yet exist, VAR can also be linked up manually, so that one does not have to switch between different systems.


VAR has integrations with learning management systems and competency platforms such as:

  • It's learning/Fronter and Canvas – learning platforms used extensively in health education 
  • Dossier – a platform for competence mapping and management for clinical practice